Message received 1/8/2016

“I want you to listen to Me, your Father in heaven. Deafness runs rampant. For I gave you ears to listen, yet you refuse to adhere. You become mute, though I gave you a mouth for words. Why did I divide you in languages when none of you can utter words of love, only hatred and division.

Why is it that you feel compelled to have rights as individual nations when I borne you as brothers and sisters under one God? Are you all becoming serpents? Sharp tongues of venomous poison making toxic your societies, dividing them as Satan would have it.

Well, verily I say unto you, the Godly will trample you serpents, vile crawling creatures of the earth; and you shall have no recourse but to burn in hell.

Where is the love? Where is the brotherhood? There will be few that make it through the gates of heaven, I tell you. Like a camel through the eye of a needle shall the righteous enter. Refined for My glory and eternal blessings. The rest, the vile, shall crawl in the dirt and beguiled be, for theirs is such to the end of the earth.