Message received 12/14/15 (4 of 4)

“Oh, My children, why do you try my patience so? Why do you continue your folly ad indiscretions?

Do you not know that I can see every action, know every thought, see your disregard for Me and your brethren?

This world is not all about you! It is about everyone – every color, every background, all your brothers and sisters.

Too many have fallen from Grace like the fallen angels. It saddens Me to no end, to make me shutter as in the earthquakes you experience, to see the wanton disregard for humanity and the earth I created for your joy and sustenance.

Without love you are nothing and will continue to be lost lambs – sheep of wolves – prey for the hunters of lust and greed.

Verily I say to you, Now is the time. Drop your weapons, weapons of destruction. For “they” (terrorists) come from the destruction of your own homes , lack of love, lack of nurturing, lack of Me, your God.

For only with God in your hearts will your homes be heated with the radiant warmth of My love.

Then and only then can your hearts be purified and your thoughts cleansed, producing children of God,

Of peace
Of understanding
Of humility
Of grace.

For this is how my world was to be. I say to you now, all you who have fallen out of grace, redemption is as close as the asking.

And those practicing Grace, wipe the debts of all who know you … the debts of sin, of hurt, of anger, of resentment, of humility.

Clean slates, clean hearts bring clean souls to Heaven.

Don’t be left behind. Don’t allow your brothers and sisters to be left behind. Go in peace and forgiveness for now is the time.

I love you.

Your God”