Message received 12/14/15 (3 of 4)

“Oh, my children, face what it is that is standing in your way of the path to me – salvation. I am only a door away, a door unlocked, a door without keys.

If only you would know and except that, you are Lord, has forgiveness for you – for deeds, for thoughts, for actions misappropriated.

I have the salvation and the power to absolve you. I am but be asking away. Come to Me, my children, with open arms, open hearts and open thoughts. I am all yours just for the asking. Your sins will be washed clean now and forever more.

As I say to you “I forgive you “under the same forgiveness to your brethren.

“I forgive you.”

“I forgive you.”

It is as easy as walking away from the “lion of transgressions” that holds you hostage in your own body.

Today, my sons and daughters – today, in My name, I want you to say to all you meet:

“I forgive you. God forgives you.”

For in that forgiveness you will not only save your soul, but the souls of many. Many who are tormented by the sins of evil temptations that can be washed away with My love and forgiveness.

Today you be the first – “I forgive you.”

Now go in peace and love, and pass it forward.


Your God Speaks”